Can valtrex cause false negative

Can Valtrex Cause False Negative

Valtrex, herpes simplex - suppression, blood test.It takes 12-16 weeks for the most accurate.I was diagnosed with genital herpes January 2012 by visual exam by doctor and classic symptoms.5 months post while on Valtrex.This was after 2 1/2 weeks of valtrex.Coud valtrex be the cause of the difference in the test?An iGg test can detect 95% of hsv-2 and 70% of hsv-1 infections Can valtrex cause a false negative pregnancy test?My ex tested positive for herpes but never showed any symptoms.TL;DR - Positive HSV2 test on no Valtrex 3 weeks post exposure.Valtrex can definitely cause a false negative IgG result if taken daily with new infection for an extended period of time, but this is the longest I have seen this effect.After sleeping together for the first time, I developed around a dozen red bumps can valtrex cause false negative scattered around my penis and lower abdomen and inner thigh.Could Valtrex cause can valtrex cause false negative a false negative?Anti-vitals can affect a herpetic test.Now I am confused and I dont know if I have it or not.You should not take them for several weeks and then retest.You could also start with the IgG test but it misses 8% of HSV 2 infection inherently False Negative caused my Valtrex?Any help is highly appreciated.I’m not totally surprised though – it can have a powerful impact.Did it matter that I’ve been off it for almost a month and produce another negative result.Also, if it is a recent infection, there wouldn't be enough antibodies for an accurate test anyways.Started Valtrex immediately and been on it a year, then decided to take another.I got retested just to make sure I didnt have anything else.I had been tested immediately before starting the relationship and tested neg (.My test result came back negative igg 0.

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Blood test showed negative but probably because virus had not been in my system long enough can valtrex cause false negative to show positive.

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can valtrex cause false negative can valtrex cause false negative

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